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Our name DabriPlants comes from a combination of my name Sabrina and my partners name, Dániel. I (Sabrina) mainly run the business and take care of the plants, but Dániel helps me repot and water the plants. He also assists when we do markets and he usually ships your packages too!

Sabrina choosing specimens from a wholesale nursery

My love for succulents started over 2 years ago and has grown immensely every day ever since. To say I am succulent addicted would be an understatement!

I believe that every succulent is special and beautiful so I love to stock both classic succulents and rare succulents which I import from Korea.

As I take a lot of joy myself in the process of succulent propagation, I have also decided to stock propagation packs and individual leaves, that way there is definitely something for every one in my shop, whether you are just starting out your collection or consider yourself a collector already.

One of the reasons I decided to start my shop is because I was really disappointed with the selection of succulents I was able to find in Europe and if I was able to find nice plants, the sellers were not prideful in their work and packaged the plants poorly. I strive to give you the fairest prices possible on succulents as well as the highest satisfaction rate!

I have also been making macrame plant hangers and we both have been making unique ceramic planters. Both to compliment our succulents and would love to share these with you!

We hope that you will be satisfied shopping with us. If you ever have any questions or just want to talk plants, reach out to us!

Daniel & Sabrina at a cactus garden in South of France